Edito : The workshop ‘Jeune Chercheur’ took place at the university Constantine 3, Constantine, Algeria in May 3-5, 2015 and the number of participants mostly from the local universities was around 80 showing the interest to this first yearly event which dealt with the problem of writing a scientific paper, a crucial matter for young PhD and researchers students.
The ‘Journal des Doctoriales’ allocated its volume for the year 2015 as a space for a set of selected papers submitted PhD students, and a priori, affixed as poster contributions concerning their research topics.
Six papers were selected for publication in Journal des Doctoriales concerning different aspects and applications of process engineering and as examples one can cite the works on the use of supercritical fluids for extracting essential oils from local natural plants and also for hydrothermal oxidation of organic pollutants, the use of adsorption for the removal of dye compounds from water effluents, the study of membrane processes particularly Ultrafiltration process for water treatment and also the recovery of medicinal compound like V Penicillin, the use of coagulation-flocculation process to improve the reduction of turbidity and dissolved solids in water. The last paper dealt with the
modeling of solid-liquid phase equilibria was considered using thermodynamic models like UNIFAC.

Preface - Summary - Scientific Commitee
Comparative study between aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride in water treatment: turbidity removal.

Benalia Abderrezzaq et Derbal Kerroum

Adsorption of Eriochrome Black T (EBT) dye using activated carbon prepared from potato peels.

Zaiter Miadanée Benkartoussa, Bellir Karima, Bencheikh Lehocine Mossaab

Modeling of hydrothermal oxidation of phenol with air in supercritical water

Nadjiba Benmakhlouf, Nawel Outili

Experimental Study of the microfiltration for the production of the drinking water

M. Boussemghoune, M. Chikhi, F. Bouzerara

Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Essential Oil from Algerian Fennel  (Foeniculum vulgare Mill)

I. Haloui, A-H.Meniai

Modelling of liquid-solid equilibria and determination of a new group interaction parameters for unifac method

Moudjari Youcef, Louaer Wahida, Meniai A-H

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